Week 3: How did you find this?

One of my friends is taking a photography class here at DIS and wanted to find a spot outside the city for her project. My friends and I accompanied her to a small town called Dragør which is about a 30min bus ride from DIS. It boasts of its beautiful harbor views and small shops that line the main square.

Lovely yellow buildings

The town was shining with its yellow buildings and small shops that we adventured in and out of. A lovely woman in the art shop offered us some suggestions on where to go and the best ice cream shop. She made us promise to return for the Christmas markets at the end of November and said they rival the city markets. I was surprised to find that Danes in these small towns were so excited to have American students visit and invited us with open arms to explore. It was also nice to spend money at local cafes rather than the chains found in the city. One bakery had a gorgeous case of desserts that had all our mouths watering.

As we made our way in and out of the shops, we could see the harbor in the distance and wandered down to see the views. Families were mingling around the docks while the kids ran around feeding the local ducks that were quacking for attention. It felt like a breath of fresh air from the city in which it feels like a constant movement and out here, we could take a moment and enjoy a new town we had found. One reason why my friend chose Dragør was its view of the bridge to Sweden from the top of a fort. I have moments where I step back and realize I’m studying abroad. Being able to see the bridge to Sweden was one of those moments I won’t forget. It was right there!

Bridge to Sweden!

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