Week 2: What that our stop?

One of the pros of DIS is the organized events that you can attend for free and one that caught my eye was the hike to Dyrahaven. My friends and I are interested in anything for free in Copenhagen so we decided to sign up. As you will come to know in my posts, the weather is a bit unpredictable in Copenhagen and when it rains, it pours. One of our friends did mention the weather the night before but we all shrugged it off. Well as you can guess, when we awoke the next morning, it was “raining cats and dogs out there.” I will admit, we were close to giving up our spots but then realized it might be our only opportunity to go so we layered up and adventured out. Soaking, we arrived at the train station and happily got on the train. As you can imagine, 4 American students soaking wet on the train and using google translate to figure out our stop, it was a mess. And as you can possibly guess, we missed the stop. By 30 minutes. We suddenly were in Northern Denmark with no idea how it went so South (or North?)

Soaking wet and lost!

We decided our best bet was to get off the train at the next stop and go exploring since we had already come so far and had paid for the ticket. After exiting the train with our heads down, we found ourselves in a lovely town called Nivå. As always, Google Maps saved us and told us there was a cafe and museum down the street from the station so we decided to explore and turn the day around.

The walk towards Nivågård’s Malerisamling

Nivågård’s Malerisamling was described as a local gem that was described as an art museum with a collection of Danish Golden Age art, Italian Renaissance & Dutch Baroque pieces. When we wandered into the local museum, the workers were overjoyed to have American students visit their local museum. They helped us dry off and gave us student discounts on the entry fee. Our little mishap had turned into a new adventure and helping a local community area. It was a nice break from the city and it was exciting to make someone else’s day better just by coming to see the museum.

Art by Sister Corita

The museum had a special exhibition ongoing that featured art by Sister Corita in a collection called Someday is Now. The art comes mostly from the 1960s and is full of brightly colored pieces with deeper meanings hidden in the block letters. It was really interesting to enter an exhibit having no prior knowledge and just entering. The art was very interesting from both a close-up and further back look. When looking at the pieces from distance, you only notice the bright colors and block letters that are designed to capture your eye. However, as you approach, you can see tiny words lining the letters that tell the true story.

I found this piece particularly eye-catching because of the direct message the art shows and then reading the white lines as you approach. As an American student, I am only partially aware of Danes’ point of view of the US and in particular, gun control. This piece was very moving to me and made me open my eyes to a different perspective as I realized this art piece is featured in a small local museum however it speaks an international message to the US in particular.

After exploring the museum and thanking the workers for their assistance, we set out to find a cafe for some hot chocolate and cake. We luckily found our way back home and made a new memory out of an unfortunate mistake. This experience taught me that a plan is good but sometimes you need to see where the day takes you.

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