RIP Apple Watch:

Very unfortunate, but a very cool way to lose it

As the picture shows, my apple watch passed away at 4:31pm on August 24th, 2022 in the Islands Brygge Harbour Bath. Now for some context of this unfortunate incident.

The weather was gorgeous the first week so my friends and I decided to take advantage and participate in a Danish summer tradition. We had walked by the Island Bryggs Baths many times and watched as people of all ages dove into the water and lay in the late summer sun. On a Wednesday afternoon, we put on suits and got on the metro for an adventure. We find a sunny spot and decide to start by jumping off the massive platform that towered over us. Adults and kids alike were jumping and flipping off to the applause of the crowd. As tourists do, we followed everyone else and lined up for the jump. My roommate Lucy and I climbed to the top to await our turn. Lucy, a lovely individual, was a bit hesitant to jump and a Danish woman helped us face our fears by counting off. The leap was so much fun and felt significant in our journey abroad. What a great day right? Well…..

Now, I am not a forgetful person(my bf might disagree) but I was drunk on abroad energy. I did remember I had my watch on and recognized the dumbness but as any college student, I simply shrugged and jumped. Yep, you guessed it, my watch decided to take its own adventure in Copenhagen. I will say, my reaction to this event is a reflection of my goals for Copenhagen. Ok, it sucked, really sucked but as I quickly realized, can’t do anything about it. I didn’t lose my phone, wallet, passport, or important jewelry. It could have been way worse so I decided to take a positive spin on it. It was replaceable and I could always tell this story. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, I had spent most of my summer job money on it(which was picking up dog poop) but, again it’s replaceable. Did I impress my friends with my handling of the situation? Yes. Did I cry about it later in the safety of my room? Oh yes, I did. This was an important lesson for me, I won’t wear a watch on anything adventurous again and that some things aren’t worth getting upset about.

So yes, my apple watch is in the canal, it has a pink strap and a dog on the lock screen, please contact me if found! 🙂

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